Thursday, September 4, 2008

Portrait Practice

A good friend of mine is down in Stell for the week, visiting from PTA & while I have him around I decided to try a slightly more serious portrait shoot & test my 105mm on people. Only have 2 flashes, so waited for the sun to get nice & low to use as a 3rd light source.

Got all set up with a few tests & was really amped on how sharp that lens is & just kept playing with the lighting & different poses & just let Richard do his thing & relax & only posed him a little for a few of them. The fisheye had to come out for a bit too, but got pretty hooked on the more classic style & quickly went back to the 105mm.

My mom came out to see what we were up to & had to get in on the action, so got a few shots of her too.

Was pretty amped on the results & hardly did any post on them & the 105mm will definitely be used for this a lot more in the future!!! Going to harass Richard a bit later again & see what we can manage.


Lighting Set Up

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