Saturday, May 16, 2009

Seeing Sounds

Did a shoot for a local singer/pianist Laurinda Hofmeyr a little while back for a poster for one of her gigs in Stellenbosch. Was good to get away from the action shots a bit & was a good challenge to get something different & the feeling she wanted. We started off in the Conserve in Stellenbosch & shot quite a bit there & then moved up to the Jan Marrais Park for the last few.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Crossing Over with Div

Just in case I didn't have enough pics to work on from Namibia I went out to shoot Div & this time his MTB was nowhere in sight, just a lil green & white BMX.

He stays in Richwood & has fixed up the jumps near his house & has a nice trick jump & I've heard that a quarter & a few other things have been added since, so am keen to go back & shoot the new additions. Bazil & the crew were obviously there to play as well & Phil came through to join in on the fun a bit later on, but didn't have much luck & broke his chain after a few goes.

Was good to see Div on a small bike & kinda miss his MTB in a way, but no matter the size, he knows how to throw a bike around & the BMX didn't stop him from his usual stuntage.