Sunday, December 20, 2009

A New Line...

I was asked to try my hand at some food photography & am always up to try something new, so was pretty keen to see what would be prepared & what I could manage to do with it. Photography is all about shapes & lines & this was no different. A really cool advantage is that you can easily position everything just as you want, so does make life a little easier & having someone with me for some more specific direction was a great help & managed to work quite quickly & smoothly. My "trial run" went really well & will be shooting for a fresh water fish book next year.
I don't go anywhere without all my toys & flashes & just put a lighting set up shot below.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Roll Model

Have been looking around for some inspiring portrait shots to get ideas for lighting & get away from my fail safe rim light. Found a few nice things & decided to play with a technique I have actually already used in Namibia. Remembered we have a big screen my mom used to project on, so rolled it down & it worked like a charm. Started out just testing & doing random poses & have wanted to do a shot of me with my skates, so got one from the car & had to wear my Denial "Go & Roll" tee. A good reminder to keep me rolling a lot these holidays. Took a few tries to get my arm & head at the right angle for the shot & lighting & was alone, so used the selftimer & ran into place. Didn't take too long before I started to get something decent & just kept going so I had a few to choose from & here are 2 of my favs with some lighting info.

A few more self portraits I've been playing with. Just needed to have some fun.