Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Macro Workshop

From the 7th to the 9th my mom & I presented a macro workshop & is probably my favorite workshop we give locally. On the list of venues to shoot we have the garden of 33 Stellenbosch (our head quarters for the weekend), Eagle Encounter, Butterfly World & were lucky enough to get to shoot in one of the gardens at Rustenberg.

I was especially keen for the birds & butterflies, but also glad to try some flower macro at Rustenberg because I have steered clear of flowers for a while as insects always catch my attention, but this time I managed to stick to the flowers for most of the time.

All in all the workshop was great fun & although we had everyone busy 24/7 they seemed to have enjoyed it quite seriously & some of the results from "so-called" amateurs were amazing.

& as usual here are a few of my pics from the weekend

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Went to the Rondebosch bowl on the 1st of Nov for Savage's B-day jam. Was a good day with BMXers everywhere, so my camera & I were pretty happy. Was tricky to shoot with so many guys, but just had fun.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Urban Assault

Went to Red Bull's Urban Assault a lil while ago, was up in Bo Kaap, so very different setting to the usual DH races & was keen just to watch, but couldn't leave my cam behind. Day was good, nice & sunny. Got there at the end of the practice runs & guys were getting pretty nailed on the not so forgiving terrain. I had a bit of a near death experience, which was pretty fun. Was lying on the grass next to a triple set stairs & shooting the guys riding down them & 2 guys had a different line... down the grass on the side of the stairs right where I was lying... needless to say I was caught off guard, not expecting them to use that line & managed to roll out the way JUST in time to have pedals miss my back by a few cm & had my cam safely clutched under me. Was a good rush & glad the riders & I were safe. Just had to laugh for a bit & carried on shooting the last few guys.