Friday, April 8, 2011

Gavin & Morgan

2 April was the BIG day for Gavin Pietersen & Morgan Tomes & what an amazing day it was! Everything was perfect! Sun out, a few puffy clouds & smiles all round. A special day to be a part of & here are a few shots from this gorgeous wedding.

♥ All the best to Gavin & Morgan Pietersen! ♥


A new stunt filled site/blog is up! BMeggs is dedicated to my BMX shots & missions. Go have a look, feel free to comment. There are articles, galleries & links to your favourite SA BMX sites & blogs... and a few interviews with our local stuntmen coming soon!
Wayne Reiche flairing the roughest tranny this side of Sea Point main road!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Working for the Lord...

Nope, I haven't gone religious, I was asked to give Lord Irvine Laidlaw & his wife Christine a two day macro course at their amazing house, Noordhoek Manor. It is the most expensive property in South Africa & it is not difficult to see why. Irvine has been making serious changes & have been many additions since my last visit.

He loves walking through his garden (which is more like a private Kirstenbosch than a garden) & enjoying it through a macro lens. The privilege I had to share that with him & his wife was amazing.

I didn't shoot much myself, but did get a few to help explain a few techniques.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bellville Badassness

Mr Reiche has some tricks up his sleeve & he pulled a nice one out yesterday. He took me to a grass bank with about a foot of tranny on top. After struggling a bit to find my angle I saw he was getting so much more height than I expected & was looking so good. Halfway through the session my wizards batteries went on strike & got a few natural light ones & as the sun dipped I sorted them out & could actually see what my lighting was doing. Bazil & Werner were sessioning with Wayne & got a nice no hander from Bazil & down whip from Werner just before Wayne pulled the flair.

I've added a bit of "The Riot" spice to the shot & posted it nice & big so you may grace your desktop with some Afreakin goodness if you so desire.