Friday, May 8, 2009

Crossing Over with Div

Just in case I didn't have enough pics to work on from Namibia I went out to shoot Div & this time his MTB was nowhere in sight, just a lil green & white BMX.

He stays in Richwood & has fixed up the jumps near his house & has a nice trick jump & I've heard that a quarter & a few other things have been added since, so am keen to go back & shoot the new additions. Bazil & the crew were obviously there to play as well & Phil came through to join in on the fun a bit later on, but didn't have much luck & broke his chain after a few goes.

Was good to see Div on a small bike & kinda miss his MTB in a way, but no matter the size, he knows how to throw a bike around & the BMX didn't stop him from his usual stuntage.


Unknown said...

Those are some really cool pics, the trails are looking good over there now from when i last rode them.Awesomeness

Eric said...

Thanks man!
Yeah, Damion has been putting in some work & they are sick now. Must get u in front of the lens again sometime soon.

Unknown said...

sweeet, I'l definitely let you know when our trails are running, want to get them picture perfect, started building on the top line too now, so im really amped to get line done as soon as I can, super amped to get pics on that line