Monday, September 8, 2008

Modeling in the Sticks

After the lil test model shoot with Richard & my mom I was pretty amped to go to a more interesting location to try some more. Serious portraits are not really my thing, but I feel I need to try a bit of everything before I say weather I like it or not & in this case I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was... granted it was pretty much just Richard & I fooling around & shooting, so couldn't be too bad.

I had my eye on a field near my house because it has some nice reeds that I thought would make a nice background, so Rich & I grabbed as many outfits as we could find, from our normal gear to some more formal ones just to have a bit of variety. We ended up only using about half of what we took with us, but was more than enough.

We went down in the late afternoon because I wanted to use the sun again & the warm light in the reeds is always good, so we went down & set up & started shooting away. For most of the shots I used the sun as my main light source to light up the face & used my 2 flashes. One as a fill for the shadows the sun created & the other as a strong rim light, but did try a few other set ups, but was really happy with my 1st setup, so used that mostly. My mom was curious to see what we were up to again & she came down to get a few shots of us & in her typical fashion kinda took over for a bit. I gave her & Rich my cam for a bit & got on the other side of the lens... was pretty weird coz whenever I get shots of myself its with the fisheye & I can take it myself, so felt a bit strange just standing there & leaving it up to them. I definitely belong behind the camera & not in front of it!!

Am pretty amped with the results & is completely different to what I normally do, so will try get hold of some people keen to model for me & try some more soon.

Lighting Setup


looking nice & dodgy


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