Monday, September 8, 2008

Afternoon in Andringa

Got a message from Chris on Saturday & he was keen for a street session/shoot in his new Xsjado's & was his 1st street session in them. He was on the way back from a friends wedding, so organized to meet him in town a bit later.

Hooked up with him in Andringa Str. & went from there... just as we left the parking lot I spotted a lil bump to wallride that is relatively new & got a few shots there... as we began Robert & Konrad ( 2 skateboarding brothers) drove past & joined us on our lil mission. After Chris was done with the wallride we went to the De Jagers gap & got a few of Chris & Konrad popped it & did some nice melon's over it. Was getting a few strange looks with all the flashes & stuff set up & the cops were driving past just about every 5min, but luckily weren't too worried about what we were up to, so we were left to do our thing in peace.

Just around the corner from the gap are some rails with a bit of a drop on the side & just got a shot of Chris doing a back farf on one & he was keen to try another strange trick on a short down rail on a wall... after a bit of discussion as to what the best angle for the trick would be I opted for a bit of a longer shot with the 105mm & glad I did... with the fisheye any angle I tried didn't quite show the trick properly or made it look like it was a mistake or half miss. Chris only wanted to do it once, so I had to make sure all was good before he went for it & we both managed to get it in the 1st try, so were both happy.

Mark G & Mark H pitched up & said the flashing kinda gave us away as it was pretty dark by now & just chilled & chatted a while & decided to call it a day & went our seperate ways.

Chris - Bump Mute Wallride

Chris - Mute

Konrad - Melon (dark)

Konrad - Melon (pan)

Chris - Shifty Zero Spin

Chris - Back Farf

Chris - Stepdown Soul


samclarkphotography said...

looking sick man!!! where was your flash for the last one of chris, for that rim? you edit it out?

Eric said...

Shot bruv!
Nah, no editing... there is a lil section that goes in for a shop entrance or summin & was just enough to hide the flash in & in the perfect spot for once. Check it next time u in Stell, would be good for the plankers too.

samclarkphotography said...

ya we amped but we wanna get rid of that dam rail and skate the ledge...haha, thats priddy gnarly though...