Sunday, July 13, 2008

Paarl Session

Had a little session with 2 friends (Koos & Gregg) in Paarl yesterday & after the last mission there I was keen to get more pics & got a 10.5mm fisheye & was keen to see the difference between that & the 16mm fisheye I had used the time before & the 10.5mm is SO nice for really close wide shots & was twice as close & still getting more than I did with the 16mm. My lighting setup was pretty much the same, but I raised the rim light on the left a bit to minimize harsh shadows on the face & once I had set up Koos was kind enough to take some shots of Gregg & I.

A shot of Chretien with the 16mm on the previous session
Back Farf to Acid


A few of my faves below from yesterday with the 10.5mm

Me- Top Mistrial

Gregg- Back Farf

Me- Parallel Fish

The man behind the cam for the day - Koos

More from the shoot on my Flickr site

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