Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Natural Selection

The weather in the Cape has been rather miserable the last few weeks with the sun trying very hard to make an appearance & not very successfully, so in looking through some of my photo's I decided to brighten up my page with a few of my favorite nature shots. A completely different aspect of photography to the action that I'm also extremely passionate about. Living on Nature Reserves my whole life & having an ecologist for a father has grounded me to enough to appreciate the delicate intricacies of nature and the love of open spaces.

Rock Kestrel at Eagle Encounter (near Spier) taken on our macro workshop with a 105mm.

A crab in De Hoop came to see what we were up to. Shot with my 70-300mm & lit with an SB-24 on sync cable.

Baby Olive House Snake my dad found in the garden. Shot with 105mm & lit with 2 SB-600's

A bee drinking from a fountain in our garden. Lit with SB-24 on sync cable.

This dragonfly was a great model & let me get really up close & personal.

A tiny fly brushing the pollen off a flower in mid flight. Shot with a 105mm (& some patience)

A thin male mantis in our garden. Shot with a 105mm

An abstract macro on a Sundew leaf. Shot with a 105mm

An abstract on a March Lilly. Shot with a 105mm

One of my very 1st macro's of a flower in our garden. Shot with a 105mm

Experimenting with refraction in De Hoop. Shot with a 105mm

Playing with refractions of a tiny flower in drops on a spider web. Shot with a 105mm

Belville & Lions Head from Muratie Wine Farm. Shot with 70-300mm

View over the Cape Flats toward Table Mountain from Sommerset West. Shot with 70-300mm

One of the wild horses in Aus, Namibia in the late afternoon. Shot with 70-300mm

An HDR of Simonsberg from Rustenberg wine & dairy farm. Shot with 16mm fisheye

Vineyard detail from the Helshoogte Pass. Shot with 70-300mm

An HDR of the De Hoop Vlei. Shot with a 16mm fisheye

De Hoop Dunes. Shot with an 18-35mm

Storm over Strand from Gordons Bay. Shot with a 70-300mm

A female ostrich from a nearby farm on De Hoop Nature Reserve. Shot with a 16mm fisheye

Luminography (light painting) with my SB-24 on an old abandoned bakkie in Sommerset West. 30 sec exposure & ran around in the dark triggering the flash manually. Shot with 16mm fisheye.

A self portrait of sorts. Me refracted in drops on a spiderweb... after trying with a few different flowers & though about trying this & managed to get a few. The pink BG is my skin behind the drops... was really early in the morning, so I wasn't looking my best, but like the pic & thought I would share it.


samclarkphotography said...

Gees dude, some of those older images are soo sweet dude...Iv been getting a bit carryd away lately with the wizards and the fisheye, goda get back on the nature shiz man...Been way to long....Must make another macro mission soon...!

Eric said...

Shot son.
Yeah man...same...I'm so amped with the new toys that I'm forgetting about the old ones... macro with the flashes is super sick too tho ;) but need to get some normal macro's again. Definately organise a mission soon!