Friday, July 11, 2008

Genesis... The Beginning

Well this is the first post here for me, so will explain what I'm all about.

Eric Palmer

Born: 26 July 1983

I'm a photographer/rollerblader from Stellenbosch South Africa.
I'm relatively new to photography myself (bin shooting for just over a year), but my mom Nicole Palmer is a professional photographer & has been teaching photography for the last 15 years or so & I have picked up a lot of the theory over the years being subjected to her lectures & preparation for the workshops.

I studied animation for 3 years & did a short editing course & started to become more active in the workshops with the photoshop side & a good family friend & photographer Willem Oets was kind enough to send me his old D70 body as he moved to Canon. This was just a little over a year ago & from not being very interested in photography & wanting to take a few snaps of my friends skating, it has completely taken over my life & I often find myself choosing the camera over my rollerblades these days.

I'm quite heavily influenced by my mother for obvious reasons & she is an art photographer & even though I shoot completely different subjects to what she does, her philosophy about photography is a strong driving force behind my approach. I will shoot anything... bands, portrait, sports, landscape, macro... literally anything that catches my attention. My preferences are action sports... (mainly BMX, Downhill MTB, Skateboarding & Rollerblading) and macro on insects. I'm seriously addicted to flash photography & have recently gotten some pocket wizards & am loving them!!

A shot of me skating in Paarl, liked the angle, so asked a friend (Chretien Le Keur)
to get a shot of me.

Well... that's enough about me for now...


Went on a shoot with some friends that are in a band The Pretty Blue Guns on Wednesday & the weather in Stell was rather gloomy. We met at Mystic Boer & was actually a really great venue for a shoot & we got lucky & the sun came out for a few minutes & we managed to get some more shots in front of the Moederkerk.

A few of my favorites I've edited so far.

Warming up with a game of pool

Chilling at the bar

An HDR of Andre & Lucas checking the pictures in the bathroom
At the Moederkerk
An HDR just to see my lighting setup at the Church
An HDR done in Photomatix of the guys in the girls bathroom in Mystic Boer Stellenbosch. We had a bunch of desperate girls after the shoot ;)

More to come soon....

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