Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chris on Campus

I got a call from Chris (the man behind the Stellenbosch Skatepark) on monday afternoon to go shoot/session a rail on the edge of Stellenbosch University. I was keen to have a late afternoon street shoot & try some longer exposures with my flashes with some lights in the BG.

Had a good shoot at the rail & was running around like a headless chicken changing the lighting setup for just about every trick & getting back to the angle I wanted just in time to catch him. There is a tree on the one side & a light pole on the other & made it nice & challenging to get the lighting right. One of the BMXers, Jo was filming, so I had a partner to talk nonsense with while we shot.

After we had finished with the rail I wanted to get a shot of him gapping a nearby 9 set of stairs...
We got a bit distracted from that mission & started to play with longer exposures of him gapping over & tapping a pole on the way. As we finished that we went to get ready for the gap, but heard the familiar voice of the campus security telling us to leave.... and so ended our little evening session.


A few pics from the session.

Gap from the path on the left to royale

Gap from the path on the left to royale

Royale to topsoul 180

Royale to topsoul rewind 3 out

Fastplant the pavement to back farf the rail & hopped over to top acid. This was one of the most difficult shots, had to get the whole spot with a good angle to see him & I only have 2 flashes. Need to invest in a 3rd one, coz a rim light on him would have made it so much better.

Wide shot of the pole bonk (manual HDR in pshp)

Pole bonk with slow exposure & a bit more movement

Parallel grab pole bonk

Thanks to Chris & Jo for a good session.

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