Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursdaze with Chris

Chris & I went out for another session around Stell yesterday. We've both been keen to session & shoot some different stuff & not just rail after rail. The 1st spot was at Boland College & was something quite different, but cool. We then went to Coetzenberg to session a boom & with our luck for crowds lately there was rugby tryouts for the 1st yr students, so it was packed! Is kinda good in a way coz then we blend in a bit better & get to session longer. This time was a bit better than the last as far as comments go & most people were quite interested in what we were up to & getting amped when they saw Chris roll (most people in SA have never seen real rollerblading live). Makes me love what we do that bit more! It was quite a tricky spot to hit being so high, so Chris rolled on a skinny bit of pavement with one foot & then hopped onto his trick. So hard to focus on the pavement & then immediately on the boom, but Chris is a champ & got a few nice tricks on it.

Again the shots are being saved for The Conference interview, but have 2 that we're not using.

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