Friday, January 22, 2010

Chris on Conference

My friend Chris has recently been put on the Xsjado team as an ambassador for The Conference & was asked to get some shots together for an interview.
We went for a shoot with yesterday afternoon & started off with some portraits near the park he's put together & then went off to hit some street. Chris is a champ & we got 3 spots down in a 3 hours despite the traffic & madness of the student carnival. He's not only a damn good skater, he makes sure he leaves spots just as he found them & with the help of the BEST security guard ever, (we asked & he let us session the 2nd spot & got some soap & a sponge & helped Chris clean the wall when we were done) made my day to know there are such cool people! Those are staying under wraps for now tho, but here are a few of the portrait shot's we're not using, so thought I'd give a sneak peak.

Lighting Setup

Keep your eyes on The Conference Blog & Be-mag to see what we've been up to.

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