Friday, January 29, 2010

Medieval Mini

Went for a shoot with Malcolm at Kevin's mini last Sunday. Hooked up with Mo & were off to Kevin's place. I'd seen shots of his mini, so had an idea of what to expect. My expectations were not 100% tho, thought it was a 5ft ramp only to find something a little larger & was more like 7ft. A nice big ramp with a castle as a backdrop with the sun setting... what more could I ask for? Started off shooting long & was struggling a little with the strong light through the trees & loosing the riders in there. I needed more pop & managed to find some angles with darker more solid BG's & as the light got softer I could overpower it through the trees a bit more & got a few straight on shots. Anticipating a little bit of nice sunset colours with the castle I left the fisheye for last. Nothing too amazing as far as sunsets go unfortunately, but the low light is always good to get nice deep blue/magenta skies.

As usual Mo was putting down trick after trick & Kevin was nailing some big 3's to fakie & learning tables & getting stoked off the pics seeing how much better he was getting them.

A nice chilled Sunday afternoon session & a few shots in the bag. Always a good way to end a weekend!