Friday, February 12, 2010

Night Skies

I was up working on pics on Tuesday evening & heard a little rumble of thunder & went out to have a look. For the first time in quite a while there was lighting & proper forks, not just clouds lighting up. I've been keen to try to get a shot of lightning for a while & went to get my cams & tripods & started to shoot away with 30 sec exposures & as the one ended I just clicked another one & kept going for at least an hour. It wasn't too serious of a storm, so the lightning wasn't coming to often, but managed to catch one so nicely it feels like I composed the shot knowing exactly where the lightning was going to strike. Without any cropping I got a full frame of lightning over Stellenbosch. I could've stopped there, but was greedy & hoping for more & got a few little ones, but nothing half as good so I merged the other 2 into 1 shot. Am amped I managed quite so well & am keen for the next storm to give it another go.

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