Monday, March 1, 2010


On the 20th of Feb the Waterfront was abused by BMX, MX & skaters in masses. Quite a scorcher of a day & was finding any form of shade to shoot from, but still managed to get a little crispy.
I shot the BMX most of the day & tried a few MX shots in their demos & left the skating to the other 1000 photographers there.
The BMX demos were sick, with all the usual suspects killing it. Mo with his double whips & 3 whips, Colin with some flip turndowns, Buddy just styling the crap out of everything & Wayne was on top form dominating the session! Two huge front flips, both clean as hell, dialed 3 tables & a nice 7. Havn't seen one of those from him before & got it perfect.
The MX guys were jaw dropping as usual jumping right over the BMX track & last trick of the day saw Sick Nick backflip the gap.
Everyone moved to Assembly afterwords, but after a day shooting in the sun, being nice & smelly & still needing to drive home I opted out of that one.

All in all a great day & event by OSP.

If you're keen to see these guys in action get yourself to zone 7 this weekend (6 & 7th) for the Pro-X

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