Monday, March 1, 2010

Deer Park Boom!

Went for a session with the rollers on Sat, has been ages since we've all rolled together & felt like a school reunion, but way better!
Started off at Bonwit ledge & was fun, but after being spoilt with smooth surfaces in the park, the cracks caused more trouble than I remember. We moved on to Deer Park before we melted in the sun & was a good choice with the boom & run up in the shade. I was struggling to decide weather I should skate or shoot coz the spot looked fun, but decided to shoot a bit. Was a tricky spot to shoot being in the shade with dappled light & a brightly lit BG, but between all my flashes & D70 I managed ok.
We're all getting way too old & were done after 2 spots, granted it was really hot, but was a fun sesh & good to see all the guys again. Hopefully make a few more missions with the guys soon.

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