Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Markus from OSP organised a sick lil BMX comp & demo at the V&A Waterfront in CT on the 22nd of November. He asked me to come through & shoot a bit & was pretty keen anyway. I got there relatively early & was drizzling a bit & wasn't looking too promising. Wet wooden ramps & bike tires don't go too well together, but we stayed positive & luckily the sun made an appearance & it turned out into a sick day. Wayne, Malcolm & Buddy were there, so we were guaranteed some crazy action on the launch box & Ian was getting pretty technical with foot jam combos & Brendon had a sick line on the box that got him best trick. Was pretty amped coz I only took 1 sequence the whole day & after he had been trying his line quite a few times, the one I decided to shoot was the one he got. James the rider formerly known as West Coast BMX was on the mic letting the crowd know what was going on & keeping them amped on the riding. Ryan, Justin & Damion pitched up with their MTB's & showed the tricks are not limited to the lil bikes & Damion was getting some serious air & kept the crowd juiced. Monster Energy drinks & Energade were flowing in full force keeping everyone strong in what became quite a scorcher of a day. A few pics from the day
Ian - Turndown
Malcolm - 360 Whip (& bail above)

Wayne - Back Flip
Buddy - Turndown
Damion - No Hander
Damion - Huge Boost
Brendon - Table
Malcolm - 360 Turndown
Ian - 180 Foot Jam
Malcolm - Superman Seat Grab
Damion - Huge Boost
Damion - Tuck No Hander
Jason - Whip
Brendon - 360
Brendon - 180 Bar Spin to Half Cab Whip
(click here to view animated gif)

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