Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rolling with Blades

Have been shooting quite a bit of rolling the last few weeks & had some friends from PTA come down for the Son Skate Nationals that was in our lil park, so street sessions were on the menu for us. A few days before they came down Gregg & I had a lil shoot on the rail in the park to get some sequences coz I was amped to make some gif's & was a pretty chilled, but fun shoot.
We went to session the N1 kink a few days before the comp & Chris dominated the rather rushed session with a switch true porn. I'm always amazed at how he chooses a trick before he gets to a spot & keeps going till he gets it... which he just about always does, he takes a few knocks in the process, but never gives up & his skating shows it. Hugo was not quite so lucky & tore a ligament in his shoulder on a top soul attempt, tried again, but wisely chose to take it easy.

Top Soul

Switch True Porn
The Nationals was pretty chilled, but fun & will probably do a separate post on that sometime. Niel fractured his ankle during the best trick, so he was out for the rest of their stay. After a visit to the hospital Hugo was feeling ok to roll a bit again, but nothing too hectic. With the 2 PTA rollers pretty much out I was still keen to go roll & shoot & was keen to get some shots at my old high school PRG. There is a nice small double set in front of the "new" hall & Chretien was through from CT, so him, Hugo, Gregg & I went to session the gap. Was just Chretien & I sessioning with Hugo filming & Gregg behind my cam. It's quite tricky to be a director & skate at the same time, but Gregg did a good job with a few instructions of course. We were lucky with some fires out Gordons Bay side it gave us a blood red sunset which made a nice colourful BG. As it got darker we tried some sequences & was keen for a fakie 7 & realised how tricky it is spinning in the dark with 2 flashes at 5 shots a second going off, but eventually managed & were on our way.

Click Here
for the Parallel 5 gif

Click Here
for the fakie 7 gif

Had a lil session at UCT with Hugo & Chretien & was pretty busy with all the graduation, but the security wasn't too bothered with us on upper campus. Had a fun, but lazy session on the green rails (just rollin, no pics) & moved down to a new rail, but the security headquarters is pretty close & we managed to sneak in a few goes. Didn't set up the flashes, just got a few quick shots & moved on to the Newlands shuffle pad. I love that spot, just the run up is rough as hell, but is always a lot of fun. Just started to shoot when an old woman came past & started shouting at us for landing on some plants when we went right over the ledge & threatened to call the police. All she did was make a noise & call an elderly male friend who was a bit more diplomatic in his approach, which was nice, but the woman was getting quite worked up & pretty pissed off. We decided not to push our luck any more & called that the session for the day.

front farf

Yesterday being a public holiday town was dead, so Chris & I were keen for an evening shoot, but the question is always........."what do we hit?" We went to check a rounded curb, but was really rough & with no wax it was not really an option. Chris decided to 180 a lil gap over a wall & stream & we got quite a bit of attention from the bergies & car guards & a few others. Was a quick 2 shots & we were faced with the same question again... luckily Chris remembered an old small rail Gregg & I used to hit at an electricity ATM type thing. The run up is REALLY short, don't think it's even 2m. Didn't seem to bother Chris too much. We still didn't have any wax, so Chris went o go ask at a nearby restaurant & the waitress brought the candle quite sneakily like it was some dodgy deal going on & we had a good laugh about it, but thanks to her we had a good lil shoot there too. Royals & Farfs were on it quick & he even managed to true top soul it with a crowd of lil bergie kids that hardly gave me enough space to get my angle & weren't too keen to move either.

Safety 180

Front Farf

Soul 5

Back Roy
True Top Soul
Well that's it for now & hopefully I'll be shooting a bit more rolling this holiday, so stay tuned.


James said...

You guys have some great spots.

Eric said...

Yeah, we do have some nice ones... just few & far between & security has killed the best ones, but at least we have something & amped the weather is nice for street sessions again!