Thursday, December 11, 2008

Princes of Bel Air

Spoke to Damion after the X-Jam & he was pretty keen to get some shots for his sponsor Flow Bikes over in UK & as usual I was super keen to get some more dirt jumping shots.

He came through to Bel Air in Somerset West with Jason & some other buddies on Saturday afternoon & I quickly missioned through after the skateboarding comp that was part of the Son Skate Nationals at the Stell park.

Started off just warming up & searching for the best angles & surprisingly enough I didn't just cling to my fisheye like I normally do & got a few longer shots & think that's def the way to go for this spot... well, the trick jump at least.

My D70 was giving some issues & corrupted quite a few of my pics & obviously my favorite ones & most of Damion's flip shots... was not amped when saw they wouldn't open in Photoshop. Have since done some tests with it & seems to be sorted out... just keeping my fingers crossed! Can see what it was doing to the shots on the one of Jason doing a NFCC. Had to process the RAW in Photomatix & was the only corrupted image that wasn't completely messed up, but still has some interesting colours at the bottom.

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