Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mack & Row

I've been a bit preoccupied with action shots lately & haven't made many posts not to just have more of the same.

The Macro Workshop my mom & I run gave me a great opportunity to get away from my flashes... almost completely, but not quite. I need to get out of my comfort zones & keep trying new or old things again. I even managed a few shots at 33 Stellenbosch & Rustenberg without insects in. I find macro extremely fun, but also one of the most difficult forms of photography as the world is magnified so much through my 105mm. It quickly turns the smallest space into the hugest area of photographic opportunities & that makes it quite difficult to choose a subject & when you're in Rose's garden at Rustenberg you have a real problem. It is a massive garden with some plants & flowers I have never seen before & makes it even more of a challenge with so many wonderful subjects.

With the Eagles I wanted to do a bit more along the lines of what I had done last year & had a 3rd flash to play with, so was fun to get my fix of rim lighting with 2 flashes & had the 3rd handheld as a fill. I always enjoy going to Eagle Encounter & just watching the birds & they had some new visitors, a black spar & a very tame vulture that was more like a puppy than a vulture so made it a bit easier to get close for the shots.

By now I have so many shots from Butterfly World & wasn't feeling all that inspired, so spent most of my time wandering around just looking & getting a few snaps... I had been there for a spider shoot a week or so before & will make a post on that sometime soon. After having the place to myself pretty much I got a bit spoiled & do enjoy shooting the butterflies with just 1 or 2 people so you have more opportunities to get to the little guy that's sitting in just the right spot.

All in all it was a great weekend & am glad I got some time for a bit of macro again & will try not to wait quite as long before the next session.


I also managed to kill my old logo in a batch resize... have it backed up somewhere, but thought it was a good time to work on a new one & might make a few changes still, but am quite happy with it so far.

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