Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Skimming Boards

Chris has been getting into skim boarding lately & him, Charl & I made a mission to get some shots of them playing in the waves.

We made a stop past Ricky's house to have a lil session with him on his mini, was fun as always, just a lil hot, but was a good way to get ready for the beach.

We went through to Camps Bay to find some good shore breaks & it wasn't the best, but good enough for some fun. Was my 1st time shooting any kind of action in water & flashes were obviously a no go, but with the sun setting behind them it was good for more silhouette style shots.
Was good to try something a bit different & wont complain about siting on the beach shooting, just maybe a bit too many distractions, but god none the less.


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