Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Organised a shoot with Damion at Gums a lil while back. Really like shooting there, well sculpted jumps, long line down the side out in the open & the quarter, hip & a few other things under the trees, so nice bit of variety all in 1 spot.

With the combination of a spot like Gums & a rider like Div my job was not too difficult. In case you havn't noticed from a few of my other posts Div gets more height than anyone I've seen & has a good bag of tricks & rides so smooth it's cool just watching him flow over the jumps. He also had his Flow prototype that is bright yellow, so it stands out nicely against the blue sky.

Weather was looking really good in the morning, but by the time we got there the wind had picked up quite a bit & was not ideal. Didn't stop him from throwing his bike around like mad & got one of the most clicked lookbacks I've ever seen... with a huge smile on his face to top it off. Some tricks were no goes because of the wind, so will have to make a plan to go soon again & we have some cool ideas in the pipeline & am really looking forward to give them a go.

Once we were done with the outside line we went to the quarter, the wind had picked up even more by that time so was a bit tricky. He still managed to get some crazy height out of it, but on one he just about flat bottomed on the landing & blew out his rear tyre. We had had quite a good session by then, so decided to call it a day & not struggle in the wind any more. Was a good day & pretty amped on what I got.

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