Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bicykills & Candy Floss Skies

I've been working in Hout Bay quite often the last lil while & now that the sun is setting a bit later there is still a bit of time to shoot. Quite conveniently Johnty's house is a few km away from where I go to work, so have been to shoot at his jumps twice & after the 1st shoot I knew we needed to shoot at sunset. There is a nice view to the bay & mountains all around with a small gap for the sun to set into.

Johnty's jumps are litterally in his back yard & after sessioning them for a bit we went to a lil hip jump down the road. The next time was pretty much the same, but had a bit of a flatland session in the road at the hip while we were waiting for the sunset.

Once the colours & clouds started to do their thing we moved back up to shoot the spine. We were quite lucky with the sunset & had some good clouds & colours & Johnty & Blaze had nice bright T-shirts on so needless to say I was clicking away like a madman. Am really happy with the results & reckon I'm only shooting in sunsets from now on haha

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