Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mr. & Mrs Hinds

Craziness of anticipation & organisation took over our our house for the past few months in preparation for Colette Palmer & Greg Hinds' wedding. The 1st of us 3 siblings to tie the knot & what an amazing day it was!

The week prior to the wedding was really hot & windy & had everyone stressing about things they had no control over, so a pretty much normal week in the Palmer house. ha ha Woke up Wednesday morning & looked out the window to see what the weather man had in store for us... well, it couldn't have been more perfect! Overcast, but high cloud, so no rain & plenty of light with no harsh shadows.

My job was obviously to capture the event & was off to the boys 1st. They were getting ready at the Hinds residence & after trying to think of somewhere to shoot I decided to go to a little jungle at the bottom of their garden & had some fun. With Greg & his friends things always turn into fun & games in a few min, so was a nice relaxed start with a few fun nonsense shots, but thought that captured their relationship way better than stiff organised poses.

After that we made our way to an olive orchard near their place for a few more & again the nonsense started, so got my fisheye out to have some fun.

Packed up my toys & then it was off to shoot my sister getting ready. When I got there they were still busy with the makeup, so grabbed a few of that & then a few with dress & shoes & putting it all together. She was looking gorgeous & radiating so much happiness, my Dad came in to see the result of all the preparation & little secret trips. His eyes welled up & a quick clearing of the throat & hug to keep it under control, such special moments are what days like this are all about.

It was time to make our way to the old manor house on the reserve we live on. My parents met there & have had many parties there over the years, so is almost part of the family. I had to move like mad to be in the right place in time. All of the preparation paid off & everything went so smoothly & I was just running back & forth trying to catch as much as I could.

Some champagne & congratulations followed, with the family group shots & then it was time to get the 2 alone & have some fun! We went to a field just below our house to have a nice view of the mountains & were lucky to have some sweet peas flowering just next to the road with millions of little purple & white flowers which added a nice touch of colour to the shots.

Strobist Setup:
SB-600 either side behind on full & 85mm
SB-900 right on 1/8 & 105mm

After some fun with my flashes we made our way back for speeches & some dancing. My buddy Koos helped me out with the flashes to make things go nice & quick so we didn't keep the couple away from the guests for too long. I shot the speeches & a bit of the dancing & then put my toys away to join in & enjoy what was left of my sisters wedding.

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