Sunday, December 19, 2010

Contermanskloof Downhill

The 12 Dec saw another DH race, this time in Durbanville Hills on the Contermanskloof track. It was a new one for me & was eager to check it out & see what I could do. It was a scorcher of a day & the 1st thing I noticed was that the shuttle pick up & end of the track were pretty far apart, this meant my usual technique of catching the shuttle up wasn't going to work. I decided to park at the bottom of the trail & walk up to save a long walk back to my car after the race. It's really open & can see just about the entire trail from the finish line, so some long shots were definitely in order.

The track is really steep & was getting dusty, so I was amped! The heat was killing me on the walk up & decided to start shooting at a rock garden just after the road gap. I'd seen enough spots on the way up to keep me busy on the way down & was going to need to get to some shade in the lunch break, so didn't want to be too far from the end.

After shooting the rock garden I moved down to a little drop after some tight switchbacks for the faster guys & some quick lens changing & running into place I managed to catch Pottie from nice & close with my fisheye.
After that I missioned back down & got something cold to drink & chilled in the shade. The 2nd runs started & I shot a corner close to the finish for a bit & then moved up to a little gap for a few more & then down to the last long tabletop. By then it was seriously cooking & could feel myself frying in the sun. I don't know how the riders were handling it with all their kit on, must have been the red bull.Pottie crashed in his 1st run & Stefan was 1st, that put the pressure on Pottie to push it on his 2nd run & he did just that taking it by a few splits.

So in the end it was:
1st Johann "Pottie" Potgieter
2nd Stefan Garlicky
3rd Darryn Stow

That's it for this years DH in the Western Cape, I just want to thank all the sponsors for making it all possible & to Chris Nixon for asking me to shoot for them. It's been a great season & will be starting off early next year again, so see you on the slopes on the 22nd & 23rd January 2011!

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