Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Urban Assault

Went to Red Bull's Urban Assault a lil while ago, was up in Bo Kaap, so very different setting to the usual DH races & was keen just to watch, but couldn't leave my cam behind. Day was good, nice & sunny. Got there at the end of the practice runs & guys were getting pretty nailed on the not so forgiving terrain. I had a bit of a near death experience, which was pretty fun. Was lying on the grass next to a triple set stairs & shooting the guys riding down them & 2 guys had a different line... down the grass on the side of the stairs right where I was lying... needless to say I was caught off guard, not expecting them to use that line & managed to roll out the way JUST in time to have pedals miss my back by a few cm & had my cam safely clutched under me. Was a good rush & glad the riders & I were safe. Just had to laugh for a bit & carried on shooting the last few guys.