Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Moe Staants

Moe & I have been busy capturing loads of staants on his new SALVO MP01. I've been keeping a lot of the better stuff we get under wraps, but with his consistency we get so much every mission that I really had to choose the best of the best & thought I'd share some of the "keepers" that didn't make the cut. He's now onto the 2nd proto & by the sounds of things all the issues he had with the MP01 have been sorted & is getting put through it's paces. Expect a little something on that in the not too distant future.

The MP01 looking sexy in the sunset

Flairs came back on the 1st shoot... the frame is obviously made for staants!

Session No.2 ... flair training well underway with lots of SALVO branding

Session No.3 ... Moe Flairs & a sunset

Session No.4 ... So the mini & flairs got done, we had to see how the MP01 & Moe could handle the streets. All I'm gonna say is; for not being a street rider at all Moe could've fooled a lot of people that day.

Session No.5 was at Moe's home in the dirt. Trick jump got killed & then some practice adding a little spice to the flairs on his soft dirt quarter.

Session No.6 ... more trick jump slaying & flair steeze! Wait till you see the topping these flairs are getting.

The 6th & latest session was a Halloween Jam warm up & just had some fun... He also treated me to a trick I had ordered a week or so before & was amped on something a little different.

We will be shooting & filming lots more. I can confidently say that Moe & his SALVO are a force to be reckoned with & is almost too good to shoot!

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