Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back to Boarding

I got a ring from Al saying they were keen to go skate Markotter & was keen to shoot some skateboarding again. Looking through my pics made me realise how long it's been since I made a street mission with any plankers. Markotter was a no go & me not being too keen to go back to De Jagers gap again I suggested PRG's double set.

Immediately Al called Dylan out on a tre flip. It was nearly a bust, but I managed to sweet talk the guard there into letting us have a quick session.

A warm up ollie & kickflip went down pretty quick, then it was onto the tre.

I took a few with the fish, but thought I'd try a different angle & shoot long & was a much better idea. The sun was getting low & giving the whole shot a warm glow. Flare was a bit of an issue, but between my lens hood & hand I managed to get rid of the worst of it.
It took a little while before he landed it, but the light was just getting better & better, so just kept shooting.

Pretty amped on it & keen to make more skateboard missions in the not too distant future.

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