Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Girls in the Grass

My first more serious model shoot experience was different, but fun. Cot in Contact with Jeanne via & she brought 2 of her friends along, Somarie & Lindsay. I was keen to shoot in a nice open area with a view & decided that the bottom of the cycle track at G-Spot would be it. I was keen for some sunset backgrounds, but started off facing the mountain & kept going that way for a while playing with my lighting as always & the warm sunlight was adding a great feel to everything. The girls were a bit of a hazard to the cyclists with a few crashing into trees trying to catch a glimpse. haha

It was good to have 3 models & was like a relay so I could keep going as they got changed & didn't waste a minute. Of course a few group shots were needed & then once the light was low enough I turned around & took a few into the last sunset colours & ended off with a fun group shot of them all jumping.

Definitely keen to work more on my model shots more, so expect a few more portrait posts in the future. Thanks to the girls for coming out to model for me, is much appreciated!

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